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Why should you use Lemon Marketing?

Lemon Marketing is a Leaflet Distribution company and we are one of the largest independently owned companies of its kind in the UK.

At Lemon Marketing, we ensure:

• Trained staff will answer your telephone calls swiftly and efficiently

• Extensive on the ground knowledge of all areas of the country.

• Quick and effective answers to queries.

• Quick lead in times for simple booking procedures.

• The flexibility that only a personally managed company could offer.

• Results.

Our Telephone Policy
We firmly believe at Lemon Marketing that time is probably the most important aspect of your working week. To ensure that you receive the information you need as quickly as possible with the minimum of fuss, we feel that a highly effective contact process is vital.

As often as possible, your call to our sales and contact number will be answered by a member of senior management or a director, as we believe it is pointless to have a junior member of staff answering these calls. We believe you will definitely notice the difference.


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Lemon Marketing Ltd

* E-mail: sales@lemon-marketing.co.uk

* Website: www.lemon-marketing.co.uk

* Phone: +44 0845 6769 202

* Address: Summerlee Street, Glasgow                   (warehouse)

* Address: East Dock Street,
                  Dundee (warehouse)

* Address: Balgreen Road,
                  Edinburgh (warehouse)