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Leaflet Distribution Services - Distributing leaflets for a living

The task faced on a daily basis by the leaflet distributor is an arduous one. It takes just a moment for a single leaflet to drop through your letterbox; however the person delivering them will spend on average six hours delivering 900 leaflets, and up to a week distributing 4500 leaflets.
Distributing leaflets for a living is no task for the faint hearted, with obstacles ranging from dangerous dogs to hostile homeowners. In addition a leaflet distributor may encounter all manner of problems in trying to access the property as many homeowners now lock their gates or go to the effort of displaying signs prohibiting people from delivering flyers, leaflets or even free newspapers.
Then there are the rigorous demands the companies employing leaflet distributors place upon their employees. Keeping deliveries to schedule is big business, and in order to monitor their employees effectively companies use a range of measures. Some employees are required to wear lightweight GPS trackers so their progress in an area can be followed while others wear webcams. In some cases distributors are required to provide SMS updates on a street by street basis. While these measures may seem draconian they are essential in ensuring that leaflets are delivered and not simply binned. After all reputable businesses pay good money to ensure leaflets reach their customers, and it is important leaflet distribution companies deliver on their promise.
The job of the leaflet distributor is not an envied one, however these people provide an important though often undervalued service. Without these hardworking individuals, who are out on the streets rain or shine many businesses would have to find alternative and potentially more costly ways of staying in contact with their customers. There is no doubt that delivering leaflets is physically demanding as employees have to carry heavy bags of leaflets and are on their feet throughout the day, however it does provide a good opportunity for people to work outdoors and suits people who are target driven.
So what are the important features to look for when looking for a company to deliver your leaflets? Firstly it is important to remember that as with any service you get what you pay for. A company offering incredibly low prices is probably cutting corners, which may result in your leaflets being poorly delivered, or even ending up in the bin. This is obviously not a good use of your budget, and not good for the environment. A reputable company will have to pay its employees a good wage and their overheads not to mention make a profit. An alternative which some small business's owners use is to deliver the leaflets themselves. The benefits of this are that the business owner knows exactly where flyers have been delivered, however this is a time consuming task.
The bottom line is that in order to sure of good service you need to take a little bit of interest in the people who are doing the work for you, do they use the same staff on a regular basis and do they take pride in their job? A company which pays decent wages will be able to recruit good staff, and a company which doesn't, will simply not give you the service you require for your business.

Next time you see someone dropping leaflets door to door remember that they work hard and provide an essential service to business and consumers.

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