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Door to Door Leaflet and Flyer Distribution Services

Leaflet distribution is now considered to be one of the most effective methods of promoting a business, and leaflet delivery companies are widely used by a variety of organisations, including small and large businesses, government departments, local councils and political parties. Door Drop Marketing has grown steadily since 1994, is used by 80% of the UK’s top advertising agencies and the market in the UK is now worth 1 billion (Source Direct Marketing Association).

Despite the increased use of internet marketing in recent years, flyer distribution is one of the easiest and most inexpensive forms of direct marketing and is used successfully to increase brand awareness, promote local and national events and offers and in generating product and service sales.

Leaflets are typically A4 or A5 in size although larger sizes are available and can be used just as successfully, and a well designed leaflet can create amazing results in terms of sales and public interest. We have found that regular door to door drops are the most effective method of campaigning and it is not necessary to deliver large numbers to be successful.

As few as 10,000 leaflets distributed at 2000 per week can produce a lucrative campaign. Larger distributions to around 100,000 households allow campaigns to be targeted at a wider market and improve success rates.

Effectiveness of a campaign can also be increased with careful planning and organisation, which helps to reduce costs and wastage, and a considered selection of demographic and choice of distribution area can have a massive impact on marketing effectiveness.

Lemon Marketing has been in industry for over 20 years and has been developed into a unique franchise opportunity. Franchising is one of the quickest and safest routes to starting a business, and our franchises have become such a success that we have become the UK’s largest network in letterbox marketing. All of our delivery staff is carefully selected and their work is monitored by a rigorous back checking process.


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