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Common mistakes when preparing your leaflet drops

Find out how to avoid the 5 most common leaflet distribution mistakes
If you are using leaflet distribution to advertise your business, find out how you can avoid the most common errors attached to this marketing technique.

1. Do not hand out your leaflets on the same day as the local newspapers are distributed: If you are paying to get your leaflets distributed on the same day as the free newspaper, your leaflet will probably end up in the bin with the rest of inserts that come with the free papers, which makes it unlikely to be seen.

2. Do not skimp on the design and printing of your leaflet: Because first impressions do matter, it is not a good idea to have a poor quality design or paper as they would automatically be thrown away.

3. If you hire someone to hand out your leaflets, always check out the leaflet distributor labor background and contact previous clients. This will prevent possible cheeky distributors who would just throw away your leaflets.

4. Do not use your leaflet as a business card: The leaflet should be straightforward with the name, the logo and the services your business offers. It is important to include the advantages your services involve and to write it in a way that might draw the potential customer´s attention.

5. Last but not least, do not invest in a huge leaflet distribution if it´s your first leaflet distribution campaign: Always start with a small amount of leaflets to test the market, and maybe use two different designs to see which leaflet gives better results. You´ll have time to carry out a campaign on a larger scale with the one that achieves the best response.

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