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How Direct Marketing Can Help You

Leaflet distribution is a form of direct marketing in which leaflets are delivered directly to potential customers. Used by around 80% of the best businesses in Britain it is an extremely popular method of getting information out to your potential customers. It’s so efficient it’s even chosen by many government bodies as a great method for getting their information to the public.

It normally starts when a client employs a specialist company to organise the distribution. They then put together a freelance team of distributors in the appropriate region. Each distributor is given leaflets to deliver in a specific area and is paid according to the amount of deliveries. Although this work is relatively low paid it is also simple and easy to do and great for people such as students or retired individuals wanting to top up their income.

The success of this kind of advertising varies depending on the offer being presented. It works best with products such as meals deals for restaurants. This is because the product relates to something important that people have to do every day – eating. It is also the kind of offer that is easy for people to pass on or share increasing the impact of the marketing campaign.

Already a cost-effective option, the price of leafleting can be reduced for a client by joint distribution. This is a practice in which a single team distributes leaflets for more than one company at a time, always ensuring that the companies advertised are not in competition with each other. The plus side to this is that the clients share the price of distribution equally. This can substantially reduce costs: if two leaflets are delivered the cost for each client is halved whilst four leaflets would quarter the cost. The only issue is that potential customers may not take the time to look carefully through all the leaflets to get to a particular offer. For this reason many clients prefer individual distributions.

Lemon Marketing is a market leader in the field of direct marketing and wishes to welcome you as a client. We are prominent in whole Scotland and we are confident in our ability to consistently and efficiently provide the best service for your needs. We want to help you make the most out of every penny you put in to your business.

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